Saturday, February 26, 2011


Oh my. What a last couple of days it has been. I started some kind of stomach virus thing last night, and I am finally starting to feel like I may not die. (I was seriously concerned for a while.) But let me back up...
Wednesday after school I rushed up to the middle school where Jeremy works and interviewed for a 6th grade Math position. I have been on pins and needles ever since. I got a call this afternoon while I was sleeping. I saw that it was the school and I quickly put on my "awake" voice. They offered me the job! I am so excited/nervous/scared/happy. It is truly an emotional roller coaster. I think the thing I am most apprehensive about is...DAYCARE. Anabelle and I are NEVER apart. Like right now, she and her daddy are out eating lunch together. It takes everything I have not to call and constantly make sure everything is alright. It is not because I doubt my husband's ability to take care of her in anyway, it is just because that is how I am. Leaving Anabelle at daycare may possibly be one of the hardest things I have EVER done. I know that she will do really well. She is so smart and quite the social butterfly. I know that I will cry a lot more than she does when I drop her off. I know that things will be fine, and it really is for the best. I was starting to go a little crazy at home. (ok, a LOT crazy!) I have been watching 2 other kids along with Anabelle, and so I have been confined to the house everyday. I have kind of been feeling like I have no purpose. I think it will be so nice to get up every morning and actually get ready and go somewhere. I have loved watching every moment of her life so far, and I hope I can handle not seeing every little thing that she does. I know there will be a lot of guilt, but I know that there will also be a lot of wonderful things about it. The only way I can sum up my feelings at this moment is WHOA.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I love weekends. I love just spending time with my family on Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday. I especially love Sunday nights. Anabelle and I have started a ritual where we watch America's Funniest Videos on Sunday nights. Most Sunday nights I even let her get in "Mommy's bed" with me and watch it. We usually have a bed time snack and just laugh and laugh. She LOVES the show. Every time a new video comes on she either yells, "BABY!" (if its a baby) or whatever animal it is. It doesn't matter what happens, every video makes her laugh which of course, makes me laugh. I love that kid so much.
I noticed one really funny thing she started today. Anytime she does something like break something, or spill something, etc. I say, "HONEY!" Well apparently she caught on to that. Today at church she pulled a bead off my shirt and yelled, "HONEY!" haha Then tonight on my bed she dropped her pizza and said, "Oh HONEY!" :) She is too funny. I am one blessed mama. :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Coffee and cold pizza.

My breakfast this morning is coffee and cold pizza. It's actually a great combination.
So here are some funny things Anabelle has been doing lately. I wish I could type in a way that would let you know how she says stuff not just what she says, because sometimes that is the funniest part!

~ She lays her head down and pretends to snore then pops up and says "Wake!"
~ Anytime we are getting ready to go anywhere she has to discuss who will be there. Sometimes the list of people varies a little, but it always includes: Pop Pop? Nana? Unc? (andrew) Katie?
~ She loves to have her back scratched and will say "Mommy, back? itchy?"
~ When she wants to be held she says "Mommy? Hold you?"
~ She loves to sing. Her favorites right now are the Barney song, My God is so big, Hippo song or as she calls it "hippopotamin", "spider," "Happy" (if you're happy and you know it"
~ This kid repeats EVERYTHING. Thankfully I don't curse. However, I do have a nasty habit of saying "crap." (I know, I know....I am really trying to work on it!) The other day while eating ice cream she dropped some and then said "Oh, crap!" It was kind of hilarious and terrifying at the same time. REALLY gotta work on that....
~ "Mommy? Are you?" (where are you?)
~ She can count to ten. It's pretty cute. She usually points to her knuckles as shes doing it. I don't know why.
~ She says her ABCs. However it is not even close to right. But its cute! :)
~ She loves to have her toenails painted pink. After every nail I paint, she says thank you.
~ She can say hundreds of words and she does such a good job of explaining things. (and remembers everything) For example, a couple of nights ago there was a bath towel in her floor and when I put her to bed she kept pointing to it and saying blankie. I explained to her that it wasn't a blankie, it was a towel and she couldn't sleep with the towel. The next morning when she woke up, Daddy walked in her room and she pointed to the towel and said, "Daddy, no blankie. Towel. No put towel in bed." That was the first thing she thought of that morning?! haha

I know there are so many more things, but this is just what comes to mind right now....

Insomnia gives me ideas.

Can't sleep? Why not create a blog? Never thought I would simply because I don't think anyone would read it. But I think it will be a neat way to keep up with things going on in my life- like when Anabelle reaches milestones or just says something really funny. I may write a lot, I may not. We'll see how it goes. I think my sleeping pill is starting to kick in....