Sunday, February 20, 2011


I love weekends. I love just spending time with my family on Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday. I especially love Sunday nights. Anabelle and I have started a ritual where we watch America's Funniest Videos on Sunday nights. Most Sunday nights I even let her get in "Mommy's bed" with me and watch it. We usually have a bed time snack and just laugh and laugh. She LOVES the show. Every time a new video comes on she either yells, "BABY!" (if its a baby) or whatever animal it is. It doesn't matter what happens, every video makes her laugh which of course, makes me laugh. I love that kid so much.
I noticed one really funny thing she started today. Anytime she does something like break something, or spill something, etc. I say, "HONEY!" Well apparently she caught on to that. Today at church she pulled a bead off my shirt and yelled, "HONEY!" haha Then tonight on my bed she dropped her pizza and said, "Oh HONEY!" :) She is too funny. I am one blessed mama. :)

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